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5 signs you are ready to take a formal photography / video class

5 signs you are ready to take a formal photography / video class:
(Originally written for by Michael Mariano)

Nowadays, everybody seems to be a ‘photographer’ with a camera strapped to their necks or a cameraphone in their hands. The internet has made learning photography more accessible than more traditional learning mediums. After a while, It comes to a point though that the internet seems to be not enough anymore. How do you find out if you need to take a formal class? Here are the 5 signs -> Continue reading “5 signs you are ready to take a formal photography / video class” »

Featured video: Henry’s Cameras | Basic Photography Workshop @ RRC

Basic Photography Workshop featuring Food Photography Tips Batch 21
@ Racket Room Collective, Cubao, QC

Powered by: Sony Philippines, Henry’s Cameras, NiSi Filters,

Music from (“Do you wanna dance” by Pete Masitti/Hohn Andrew Barrow)

Shot on-location @ Racket Room Collective, Cubao, QC
Produced by M2 Studio (Arie Roque & Michael Mariano) for Henry’s Cameras

Featured workshop: DJI Ronin x Henry’s Professional

DJI Ronin Workshop | September 05 2015 from m2studiobiz on Vimeo.

DJI Ronin Workshop @ Big Brother Manila Studio
Makati, Philippines | September 05 2015
Sponsored by: Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply – Nicholson Ong / DJI Ronin Continue reading “Featured workshop: DJI Ronin x Henry’s Professional” »

Henry’s Professional 2015 Creative Workshops

A new web address to easily access our workshops -> 

The summer sun is out and in full force! And just like the weather,  we are bringing to you some hot workshops to help you beat the summer doldrums and creative rut that you might be in!

We partnered up with Henry’s professional and our other sponsors to conduct affordable and quality photography / video workshops. This year we have more in store for you, starting the summer season with basic and advanced photography workshops. Continue reading “Henry’s Professional 2015 Creative Workshops” »