At M2 Studio’s Workshops, we believe that the proof is in the pudding. We do our best to walk our talk, so we’d rather that our participants give feedback on the numerous workshops that we have conducted.

Testimonials by our participants:

I would like to thank you, your studio and sponsors for spearheading the Advanced Photography Workshop. As a photographer it serves as a supplement in learning the craft. Special commendations go to Mr. Edwin Celestino for the great presentation! He presented in a way that the subject matter is simple, concise, straightforward and realistic. Just everything I need. Kindly extend my warm regards to him. Other workshops would tend to discuss technical stuff and topics that are “super-pro” in nature. The discussions were just right for me aspirant of venturing into the professional photography world. Understanding light, working with it and knowing and using your camera better is simply what photography is all about. It’s not about the gear; it’s about the photographer. Similar to a sword: it’s not about how sharp it is, it’s about how you wield it. That’s what I have been doing over the years, and with that, I believe I’m doing things right!

– John S. | Advanced photography participant Batch 02, 2015

The workshop was well thought of and was able to cover most of the basic concepts of photography. Edwin and Michael were able to deliver the lessons well and answered all our questions properly. The classroom setup was casual, which is very suitable for ‘creative’ workshops like this.

– Abraham L. | Basic photography participant Batch 07, 2015

First off, I would like to thank the organizers for offering this super affordable 8-hour basic photography workshop. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve made photography accessible to us newbies and even to those of us without the super fancy DSLRs.

– Katrina T. | Basic Photography participant Batch 07, 2015

Thanks sir, the workshop was a blast, super galing, very informative, practical and easy to understand, hats off to you sir mike and sir Edwin. more power! I highly recommend the workshop for those aspiring photogs out there!

– Francis Gerard M.| Advanced Photography participant Batch 02, 2015